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Making Myself At Home

After the room switch-around, where we had to move the children downstairs and my office up, I haven't felt very settled in my new space.  The furniture remained where I flung it on the first day and boxes of undetermined "things to put away" under the desk. But with the return of my samples from the book and the upcoming Forth Valley Open Studios, I needed to re-think what I was doing in the studio and, importantly, invest in some more storage


For whatever reason, locally there is not much of a demand for vintage furniture. I have no idea why. I've said it before, but I simply can not stand how flimsy and small so much modern furniture is.  As I stood in the shop, a staff member tried to convince me that I *really* wanted the ikea wardrobe they had just received.  I politely declined as I  climbed over a mountain of cribs and bedside tables to reach this wardrobe. "You don't want THAT one" she said, "That has been here for AGES!" I did indeed and £10 was knocked off the already meagre price because they wanted to be rid of it so desperately.


£20 including delivery. I wanted to walk away with every single piece of vintage furniture in the place, but I restrained myself. I chose it, above the other equally beautiful and equally maligned options because, inside there is lots of opportunity for not only storage, but also display.


I thought a bit of bunting was required to add some blue into that corner.  I have to admit to not being a huge fan of bunting, but it is easy and I was in work avoidance mode. So I made 2 different kinds. I was DEEP in work avoidance mode.  IMG_9665

 And of course, the addition of a new piece of furniture meant rearranging everything else. My fabric and kit yarn stash has moved to the closet in the hallway, in place of the 15 suitcases that had been there. My desk (aka enormous solid pine dining table) was shifted over to the window, where I can sit and stare at my to planning calendar and ponder just how far behind I am on everything, and yet still manage to avoid work.  IMG_9679


Slowly it is feeling more like home.


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