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Marauding Hoards

if you read blogs, you'll see various things doing the cookbooks, new magazines, certain knitting patterns all popping up in various places over the short course of a few days. Often, its done the rounds so many times, I feel like I don't even need to make said item, read said magazine or buy said cookbook because a whole hoard of people have done it first.

Well, I have to admit that pinterest was one of those things. I just didn't feel the need to look into it. I am not sure what broke my resolve, but I was persuaded to hunt down an invite on Twitter and Oh. My. Goodness. I was hooked. I have been soooo inspired by finds on there, from making this dairy-free ricotta for an awesome polenta lasagna to this banana cake with brown sugar frosting to these BEAUTIFUL dress up bird wings, I have been hooked at first click. Of course like many of these types of things, I also feel grossly inadquate, but hey ho.

One of my first finds was a crochet Viking hat.  Over the last  couple weeks or so, I have been working on designs for my etsy and folksy shops.  I had been working on my own viking design, but when I saw this one on pinterest, I knew I'd found what I was looking for.


When I saw that the pattern allowed re-sale of finished objects, I knew I'd rather support a designer than re-invent the wheel.







And so a little tester was made for my littlest. Such a quick and cute make (which would have been even quicker, if I didn't spend all of my time on pinterest!!). And he doesn't seem to mind it...


But then, being part of a marauding hoard is really exhausting.







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