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Meet Mac!

wrap-4 I am beginning to wonder if we are adrenaline junkies. Completely unable to take our time with anything - especially large life decisions. Case in point: a house move, 2 photo shoots, a wedding, the arrival of the 4 hens and 1 fluffy puppy all happened within 4 weeks of each other.

Macbeth (Mac for short) is an Australian Labradoodle (which is, without a doubt the most embarrassing name for a dog breed ever. Seriously, try telling the estate gamekeeper, who, you know, kills things for a living, that you have a Labradoodle and try not to die from embarrassment).

Silly name aside, we'd known for some time we wanted to add a furry addition to the family. I had been searching for an adult dog to rehome, but the universe had other plans.

We had debated about breeds, Kevin being a fan of hounds and I had my heart set on a St Bernard (when I dream, I dream BIG). On our first weekend here, we were visited by a Goldendoodle and all fell in love with him. In searching around for a doodle of our own, Mac arrived on our virtual doorstep as a puppy who needed a special family due to a small health issue.

He is already the best dog I have ever had - so lovely and social and well behaved. He and Georgia are the best of  friends. Unfortunately, Mac wants to be best friends with the chickens...they are less keen.


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