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My Favourite Knit (and this time I mean it)

Its a well documented fact that everything I finish is my "favourite thing I've ever made".  Every hat, every set of wings, everything.  I start a new project with certainty that it can never be as nice as the last thing I made. And this is no exception.  After a frustrating start I was a bit dubious about this pattern, but it was with gut-wrenching jealousy that I handed it over to its recipient yesterday. 



It is squishy and soft and warm and just delicious. The reversible stitch pattern is both very cool and understated.


Its one of those projects where the elements come together just perfectly--the combination of beautiful yarn from Babylonglegsand the pattern work together to form a fantastic finished item.


I think I will make one for myself out of a cotton or linen for summer.


But it will never compare to this one (until its finished). 




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