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Crackin' It

My holiday was great and wonderful and I want to tell youall about it, but it seems so far away now.  So much is happening at the minute, I am finding it difficult to look backwards when there is so much happening RIGHT NOW that I want to capture.  So unless I get around to posting and you are, you know HUGELY desperate to see what we did on holiday, my flickr album is here
And on to the present.  Some may like it hot, but I have to admit that I also like the cold.  Cold and Crisp days are a rarity here.  Its usually cold and wet and permeates deeply into your bones.  But Monday saw us have one of those rare sunny crisp days shine upon us and E and I were out like a flash.
Of course what I wasn't expecting was the delicious ice that had crusted over our beloved puddles. 


No matter how long I have been doing it or how many times it happens, I am still surprised at how much having a child improves the quality of my life.  I wasn't having a very good day on Monday. If I wasn't with Ellis, I probably would have spent the day wallowing, lying around and obsessing.  

But there is no space for wallowing when there is a small boy who spends 45 minutes "ice fishing" in the pasture with a stick.

Ice Fishing

Or throwing rocks at the stream to break the ice, screaming with delight at every large crack he makes.


Its so true that while we try to teach children about life they teach us what life is all about.  Thank you, Ellis.

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