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New Love


I have to warn you, I am a fickle, fickle woman.  Remember my praise for my beloved Pentax Lumix?  I loved that camera.

But she broke.  Fortunately, it was 11 months into a 12 month warranty and off she went to John Lewis to be fixed. Or not.  It seems that paperwork was lost, messages were sent to the wrong store, callbacks were never made and 2 months were lost before any of us were the wiser.

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Being a rather old-fashioned store that values its customer service, John Lewis decided that it would be better to offer me a refund towards something new.  And since they don't carry any hybrids like my Pentax, they 'topped up' my refund to go towards something newer and better.

And so, we are the proud parents of "D" or Canon EOS 450D, to rest on formalities.  And we love her. 


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