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New Pattern: Spun Gold

New Pattern: Spun Gold

Sometimes I feel like such a tease.  So much of what is happening in my day to day has to be kept secret and you all only get glimpses of the current projects and upcoming work.  

You may recognise my latest design from various snippets that I've posted on Instagram and in my Simply Crochet column over the last few months.  Well, finally, today is the day you get to see the full shebang! 

Meet Spun  Gold.

After the, quite frankly overwhelming, response to The Shawl Project, Joanne and I wanted to give you a bit more in between Book 1 and the autumn release of Book 2. Spun Gold is a beginner level project and a great introduction to shawl making, while still being interesting to make. 

You can use any wool for this, as instructions are given to working for any size.  The sample uses 1x 100g hank of 4ply...gorgeous Babylonglegs 4ply no less. 

Its become my perfect spring shawl - small enough to not be too warm, but still a welcome addition to the cooler days* we've been having. 


Worked end to end, this is the perfect shawl for making in that special hank of yarn no matter the weight.

Finished Length: 132cm long, 
Finished Width: 35cm

100g of Babylonglegs semi-Precious Sock in Cortez’s Gold (4ply) 
4mm hook 
Scale to weigh yarn.

24 dc sts measures 10cm/ 4” and 1 patt rep measures 5.75cm/ 2.25” tall using 4mm hook or size required to obtain tension.

Skill Level 

Skills Used: 
Increases, decreases, quintuple treble (instructions given)

You can buy the pattern now

Huge thanks to Elly Doyle for her mad sample making skillz! 

* this is actually an understatement. I can't currently feel my fingers.

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