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New Year, Same Ol' Me.

New Year, Same Ol' Me.

I never know at what point in January to stop saying "Happy New Year" to people. Being an enthusiastic New Year celebrator, I have come to realise my ardor for all things January isn't the norm. While friends have settled into a deep Winter slump by the 7th, I am still revelling in the quiet newness of the new year well into the last week of the month. I love it. There is just something about a shiney year lying ahead, combined with the peace of January, that makes my heart sing...

...this was a long way of asking if the 13th too late to say "Happy New Year" to you all, considering I haven't written since the end of the year, or are you already fully immersed in 2020 (and importantly remembering to write 2020 when you date things)?

We have hit the ground, well not exactly running, but maybe 1980s-mom-power-walking into 2020. Our wee farm shop is back open on Saturdays and we hosted our first Sourdough course (and online bakealong) this weekend as well. Every so often I hit a point when I think I have run out of people to talk to about Sourdough baking and become certain that I am going to have to change my entire business model. It doesn't look like today is that day. In fact, we have added another short Sourdough morning course on the 15th of February at the farm as the January and March courses sold out so fast!

However, when we aren't teaching people sourdough the rest of our lives seem to be living in service to one very troublesome dairy cow. After struggling for a few months with the milking routine, we have changed our process . Its made a huge difference and means that I have the confidence to relearn milking, which I hadn't done since breaking my arm last year. I've started up the ol' vlog again and this week it is all about Petunia. Arguing over what to make with her milk for the day is definitely better than the "what should we have for dinner" debate that grips us daily. But first, I am off to milk...

oh and Happy New Year!

Kat and Kevin

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