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Nice Work If You Can Get It



IMG_7444.jpg IMG_7447.jpg

In the studio this week, I have been:

- working late into the night

- making up labels using this tutorial

- blowing up balloons and using a tape measure to ensure they meet various head circumferences.  

- emailing out the Copilot Aviator Hat pattern to people who have purchased it from etsy  

- working on about 7 spreadsheets with gauges and sizing information for the main yarns I use and then remembering the 'tab' function in excel

- admiring the beautiful fox dress I bought for Georgia from Wild Little Things.  So amazing.

- making THE brightest pair of wings yet.

- enjoying the features of my work around the web

- packing up lots of parcels

- jumping up and down with excitement, seeing my owl hat pattern become the 2nd most popular crochet pattern on ravelry

- crocheting, crocheting, crocheting


And it goes without saying:



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