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Not Sleeping Through: The Interpretative Knit





Being a rather grumpy, moody person and having my first born take after me in that respect, I never would have thought there could be such a thing as a baby that was too happy.

I was wrong.  She is simply psychotically chipper.  Which is just lovely during the day.  She sings, talks to herself, laughs, screeches, flirts, chats all day long.




The problem arises when the sun sets.  Any and every night waking is not met with the plaintive cries of her brother.  Oh no, Georgia wakes up laughing and cooing and yelling "Hiya, Da da da da da da".  Co-sleeping is out of the question, because any time one of us moves, Georgia wakes up and then the yelling is accompanyined by bouncing and climbing and kissing.  Charming from a distance, I am sure, but frequent night wakings do nothing for the curmudgeon in me.


A decision was taken that the happy clappy one should move to a place where she couldn't command such a nighttime audience.  Her bed was moved and she was settled in after her bath in her new accomodation with her brother (who sleeps safely out of her eyeline).

Weren't we pleased with ourselves when she slept through until Midnight?  Fantastic, we thought.  The best decision ever, we patted ourselves on the back.

At 12:02am she awoke and refused to sleep.  She wanted to see her mama AT ALL TIMES.  A furtive attempt was made to put her in our bed, but there was only so much climbing and giggling we could take and so the dance ensued.  Her being put in her bed, nodding off, then HOWLING the minute I attempted to leave her sight.  I knew I was in for the long haul.

And so I did the only thing I could do, dug around in my basket and on ravelry and cast on something that could be knit in the dark.


This plain vest was perfect...big wool, big needles, nothing fancy.  Two nighttimes of being more awake than asleep finished it off in less than 24 hours.  Perfect.  The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Vaa that I had planned for a scarf for a gift, but never had time to finish.  Its a lovely yarn to work with, though I am worried it will pill quite badly.  Oh well, saved sanity can be forgiven for a bit of pilling. 


And so at the very least she is cute and warm during the day, even if she was up 8 times last night.  Happy, clappy every single time. 


And it appears I am not the only one making this for my baby!  

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