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(not) Work in Progress


A few stitches here and a few more there and my knitting is coming along nicely. I decided to scrap any ideas of using my own pattern and, since the stitch counts were nearly identical, I have decided that I am making Kniterella's Chevron Stripe. The change in pattern won't be discernible to anyone other than me and quite frankly sometimes it is nice not to think. It is that nice kind of knit, where it is can just be picked up and put down, but the combination of colour changes and pattern mean that it doesn't get boring. I am getting close to the next colour change, I need to switch the charcoal (as I am almost out) and I will be using pink or orange as the contrast colour...or maybe back to can never go wrong with yellow.


Tomorrow is Official Release Date for Crochet at Play!! Make sure to stop by as there will be a party!!

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