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Nothing To Say

blue love

These days, our conversations swirl around each other without ever really touching.  

He: Work work work work.

Me: Kids, house, yarn.

At least before maternity leave and redundancy, we had something in common outside of the house and children.  He ran a charity, I advised charities. Me being at home has moved us more firmly into divided roles.  I knew it would happen and, at the beginning, wondered if I would resent it.  

I don't. If anything, I find it a bit of a strange hyper-reality where we have become alternate versions of ourselves. Resentment doesn't really play into it (that often).  Its just a bit odd.

Kev would probably tell you that we've always been wildly incompatible (he IS a free spirited Sagittarius, and I am the worst kind of Virgo).   He would say we have more in common than ever...3 little monkeys, sleep deprivation, extreme exposure to all things Star Wars (only one of us entered that by choice). 

And while, most assuredly, we will have lots of things to talk about in the years to come, it doesn't stop me dreaming about conversations that go something like:

He: Yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn

Me: Yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn


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