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Occupying My Mind


{Loving} this colour palette has been popping up in my imagination a lot.  I thought I would have gotten it out of my system with a recent (enormous) submission to a magazine, but no.  Its still there. Taunting me.  I don't really even like pink, but something about electric blues and yellows and oranges combined with bright pink make my heart skip.  I have charted a fair isle pattern using these colours and the moment I get a chance to knit, I am all over it. After I design and crochet an adult cardigan in the next 7 days...

{Eating} this primal fudge.  I don't know if it is because I am run down or what, but my food intolerances have gone crazy in the last few weeks.  I used to be able to sneak in a bit of dairy, but that has had to stop.  And wheat. And sugar.  I am not a diet kind of girl, so this makes me a bit sad, but I can't feel like rubbish all the time. And thank goodness for Pinterest, hey?  Even 18 months ago when Kevin suspected wheat was affecting his arthritis, we really struggled to find decent GF recipes, but this time is proving much easier. Plus, we bought a tortilla press and Kevin makes the most amazing corn tortillas.  Yum.

{Listening to} The Staves.  Their album has been on repeat since my friend posted this video on Facebook. Of course, listening to music around here has to take place above the sound of Theo singing constantly.  Imagine an (almost) 2 year old singing whale song and you would be close to Theo's version of music.


{Planning} On Friday, my focus will be planning the next 9 months, included in that will be my trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival on the 16th of March. Hope to see you there?

What is occupying your mind these days?

(I am currently having problems replying to comments. Please know I am reading them all, still trying to work out bugs in the new site.)

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