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Off the Boil

The boiler is broken. This means no hot water and no heating. Not fun at all, really. I have spent the day cleaning which means boiling the kettle repeatedly for warm water to do my scrubbing, the dishes, etc etc. You realise how dependent you are on technology only when it breaks down. They are trying to decide what to do with the boiler--whether to replace the part or get a new one as we've had bother with this one a number of times. What I wouldn't do for a bath!!!! I tried to recreate my Indian bucket baths, but either I have lost the skill or my current condition meant the whole process was very stressful and unsuccessful. Maybe we'll get word tomorrow as to when we'll have a boiler again.

In other news, we are finally getting a trainer to come in to help with Rowan. We've been trying since January to get someone in, but there have been...communication difficulties. The woman we spoke to today seems like she is going to be fab. I really hope that we can get this dog under some sort of control soon as I am finding her so stressful. I struggle to see how I am going to cope with the dog and a baby. She is actually manageable when I am alone with her, but when visitors come I struggle to keep her under control. I slightly resent the amount of money being thrown at this beast, but Kevin loves her so much its probably worth it.

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