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Off To A Good Start

First thing this morning (well, 12:20am UK time), I got fantastic news.  My craft therapy tutorial has been featured on!!!  For those that don't know, whip up is hub in the crafting world, drawing together projects, tutorials and inspiration to one central place.  I am thrilled to be a part of it.  Welcome to everyone from there.  Glad to have you!


Chicken pox update:  We reached sufficient crustiness on Wednesday to be allowed out into society.  Unfortunately, after such a prolonged separation from civilization, E man found it difficult to relate to others in the 4ft and under crowd.  "Anti-social behaviour" starts young and he had to be lifted off his best friend after trying to gouge D's eyes out for touching a train.  It wasn't pretty, but some milk and cuddles seemed to calm the situation enough for playing to go on after.  Do you think extended breastfeeding is an action point in the government's anti-social behaviour policies???

Anyway, toddlers did manage to have some fun when they each made a pizza for dinner.  Pizza making is the gift that keeps on giving.  Ellis has been helping with family pizza night since he could pick up handfuls of anything and throw it on the pizza.  Every step in the process is great for little hands--mixing, kneading, putting toppings on, eating--all masterfully performed on this occasion by 2 two year olds!


Of course, I did some of my own making while I had a few minutes...


I used the pattern over at zakka life. Its a gift to go with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Now,  just need to find a cute caterpillar to go with it...

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