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Oh the Cuteness

You can bet that 10 years ago, I would not have written this post.  When I was marching down the streets of London protesting the rise of the capitalist hegemony, the following thoughts never would have occured to me.  When I devoured every piece of radical feminist literature at university and Mary Daly and Andrea Dworkin were like feisty friends, I would have scoffed if I'd even stubbled across this post...I am getting soft in my old age

Yesterday for the first time, Georgia wore pigtails and, as I wrote on facebook, my eyes were bleeding from the cuteness.



When she was first born, I swore she wouldn't wear pink.  We exchanged most items of that hue for jewel tones.  But in the last year, girl clothes and toys have slowly snuck into the house and my stern resolve has softened. She wears dresses, even some that I have bought.


What can I say, the child is cute.  Insanely so...she wraps people around her little finger with ease (*cough* Grampa David *cough*).  You know how beautiful women have a certain expectation that people will do things for them, that their requests will be met with smiling aquiescence? Georgia has the roots of that already. She bosses the world around without being able to speak and makes her brother cry at age 1.


IMG_3086.jpg IMG_3081.jpg


If the truth were to be told, I am scared.  She is young, beautiful and has a personality akin to a wild boar...Andrea Dworkin never covered this eventuality. 

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