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Oh the irony

So, today did not go quite as detailed in this morning's post. I did clean our bedroom, tidy downstairs, take the dog for a walk, and do some laundry but then calamity hit. It's a bright windy day here, so I thought I would hang the sheets out to dry on the line. You see we have one of those combination washer/dryers and its small so everything comes out in a wadded mess. There is nothing like a good bout of wind to beat the wrinkles out of any item of laundry, not matter what the temperature.

Anyway, sitting down to lunch I noticed it was starting to snow, so I ran out to the backdoor to grab the sheets in. I had forgotten that the mop which I had also placed outside to air had fallen across the door way, about 2 feet off the ground. Well, I ran straight into it, sending myself flying head first towards the gravel. In some sort of strange pregnant woman instinctual move I managed to save myself falling bump first onto the ground by throwing my left leg under me. I even remained standing. Triumph.

So I got the sheet in and noticed that my knee was a bit was my back. I quickly realised that I couldn't bend my knee at all without severe pain. I had to crawl up the stairs, dragging my leg behind me. I've tried resting it and taking a bath, but to no avail. I am officially injured. Kevin says its a sign I should've been taking it easy... But as was pointed out to me yesterday, this is one of my last weeks of feeling good and I had wanted to make the most of it!

Oh well, at least I am still in a good mood from the reiki.

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