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Oh they have arrived

Ok, I am going to venture even further into the cliche here and discuss the onset of stretch marks. I knew from the outset I was going to get them. I have a few already strategic places that signify a significant adolescent growth spurt. There was no way I thought that I would miss this right of passage. However, having made it to 34 weeks, I kind of thought that the few lines I had would be it.

Oh how wrong I was. I have bloomed stretchmarks over the last 3 weeks. Only a handful of them really, but because my skin is white as a sheet they stand out for a mile. I am trying to be sensible and realistic about them. They will fade. There is actually no known way of preventing them in people who are genetically predisposed to them. However, I am still slightly traumatised. Up until this point it seemed like everything could go back to the way it was before pregnancy. The weight could be lost, everything else would shrink...however these are permanent.

I should probably console myself with the fact that baby is actually measuring about 2 weeks older than I am pregnant (meaning BIG) so I will just blame it all on her/him and he/she can send me the bill for therapy.

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