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On a Friday




I love Fridays.  The delicious novelty of sitting down to work without being interupted hasn't worn off, even though they have been going to nursery on a Friday for a few months.  Yes, I also work on the weekends, but it is hard for the little people to understand that they can't talk to me when I am in the next room...and so they are always in and out.  

I save up things to do on a Friday.  Writing mostly, pattern grading, things that take more concentration and need the light of day for my brain to function properly. It is undeniable that I do my best work when I can work like much of the world does - from 9-5, as opposed to typing madly at my keyboard at 2am, or holding a wriggly toddler on my lap while adding up stitch counts on the calculator.

I always start Fridays by drawing up a todo list for the weekend. It is always long, always over-ambitious. I then usually make a cup of coffee, but I have started getting the shakes in the evening, so its Apple and Ginger tea today. Everything else is left on a Friday - no laundry or cooking or cleaning allowed.  Just work. Just how I like it. 


Kat M made a beautiful film for Capturing Childhood this week.  We are about to open registration for our film course...and there will be an exclusive offer for those on our newsletter.

And so, to work I go! Have a lovely weekend!!

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