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On Being Uncomfortable and the Overwhelming Smell of Kimchi

On Being Uncomfortable and the Overwhelming Smell of Kimchi

Its been a bit of an uncomfortable week around here. Nothing big or disasterous has happened, but it has been one of those weeks where lots of little things have gone wrong. I have messed up orders, couriers have failed disasterously, we forgot Georgia's trainers for the umpteeth time and have had a rather unpleasant run of comments in our inboxes for various things. And all of that was before emergency vet call outs, the chickens ate all of the pak choi I planted for winter and a cat peed in my slippers.

I try to remind myself that mistakes are just part of the process. You fail, things don't work out and you have to dust yourself off and try again. I have yet to take on any creative endeavour where I didn't first have to spend a lot of time undoing what I had done or simply starting over --all the while, comparing myself to others who are doing it better than me. The people with better gardens, more effecient businesses, more time with their children and sheep that stay put.

But in an ode to productivity, I have set up the above shrine of canned goods in my dining room. A sort of art installation on created by one of my volunteers and I over the course of a week. The cheerful line of ferments and jams and salsa and chutneys are a visual reminder that all is not lost. They tell the tale of spring plans that went right - seeds that were planted and grew and were harvested. Some will be gifted for Christmas and some will be gobbled in one sitting, but each and every one makes me happy every time I look at them, because although I failed at a lot of things this week, I didn't fail at everything. And sometimes that is all you need.

Though, the kimchi is getting a bit ripe. I should probably move it.

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