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On My Desk

On My Desk

- I currently have every colour of Deramores' Studio DK range in my office for a super secret project.  It is a totally gorgeous yarn and the colours are amazing. 

- Life is pretty much planned to the minute these days. This week was the print deadline for Blogtacular, a regular deadline for Knit Now and we've just announced the full details of Blogtacular's Saturday evening Pintacular. So excited!

- Theo keeps bringing me eggs and I keep leaving them on my desk, so I have a growing collection - oops! Bantam, Hybrid and Turkey eggs pictured.

- Speaking of Knit Now, some of my pieces from my Hook and Stitch feature have started arriving back.  Its always like little gifts to myself when samples make their way back. 

- Scottish strawberries have arrived at the veg market. This is a huge relief as we are out of jam. I have been holding off buying masses as I know if I wait a few weeks they will be even tastier, but small punnets are sneaking their way home.

- I have planted 4 different varieties of peas...and none of them are growing. It is so cold here, I want to cry and have even done the winter thing of going to bed at 8pm just because I am so cold. 

- This week's ice cream is salted almond, adapted from this one from delicious magazine. Very good, but still hasn't topped last week's salted caramel.

I am off this weekend for a weekend of: birthday party/soccer practice/anniversary party/ rug making/ magazine shoot/ tutorial writing...I am hoping to sleep some time in there as well!


Hope yours is a good one! 


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