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Lost In The Dark


As I lay awake in the middle of the night last night, inbetween a small squirmy boy and a larger snoring man, I thought of a really great idea...and then lost it.

I wish I could say that that was a one off, but recently my brain seems to have gone into hibernation. I never lose anything, and yet keys, wallet, small children all have recently disappeared for short amounts of time, turning up in places where I have obviously deposited them and then wandered away (if only keys could holler like 7 month olds).


I blame the dark.  The nights have closed in and my head is just as foggy and grey as the weather.  My friend insists she can not live at this latitude, and sometimes I have to wonder if I am the same.


But then I do love it.  The smell of my neighbours' fires in the evening.  The way the hills seem to almost be on fire as the foliage turns.  The donning of long forgotten and favourite hats and scarves.  The excuse to wear my wellies at ever turn.  Ah yes, winter is coming.


And who cares if I misplace my keys until Spring.



Mittens are from Warm Yourself, bought when I sold 15 hats in 4 hours and realised I probably wasn't going to be making myself anything this winter.  

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