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On the Surface

Sometimes I look back through the pictures I have taken in the day and I wonder whose life they are from. Some days, it's a time issue. I usually download pictures while I am making dinner.  Dinner is a long way away from the fun we may have had.



But some days, the pictures reflect some sort of bizarre alternate reality, like through the Looking Glass, only the reality is the chaotic one and the pictures so a serene other world where we play and laugh.

Yesterday was not a good day.  In fact it was one of the worst we've had in a long time.  I was embarrassed to call myself a parent, because I acted less mature than my 3 year old.  After both Ellis and I had calmed down, we talked about what had happened...puddles and puddles of milk all over the kitchen...refusals to help clean...tiredness...shouting...tears.  The important thing was that in the end, we apologised, talked about how much we love each other and how we were both going to work on helping each other more.  It didn't erase any of the hurt, but at least it acknowledged it.

Save what went well. Find a solution to what didn't. Do better next time.



So what does any of this have to do with a pinafore dress?  As part of my 2011 resolutions, I want to improve my sewing.  So, I ordered some fabrics and was sent a lovely pattern from a friend.  I was determined to take it slow and do it right.  And I did...except for one majorly wonky bit in the bias edge, right at the neck.  I saw what I had done, got furious with myself and then walked away from the dress that I'd hoped to give to a new baby.  

I came back to it later with the hope of ripping the stitching out, but I realised quickly that it would cause too much damage.  So I was going to just put it in the scrap heap.  But its otherwise fine, not a complete ruin. The answer came in the idea to make a quick dribble scarf in a complementary colour to hide the mistake. Or make the open back the front with the addition of a button or ribbon fastening. 


Reversible Pinafore

Save what went well. Find a solution to what didn't. Do better next time. 

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