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One Month and Ten Years



It was one month ago today that we found an answer to a financial, space and living problem in the form of a house.  As I type, I am sitting in this big old Victorian semi, looking out at the Ochil Hills, tearful and in awe of just how momentous this last month has been.

To list them all seems trite and strange, as if Kevin's bank messing up his pay twice in 30 days has any place beside the birth of the unbelievable little Theo, but from little to big, from irritating to life changing, from our own triumphs to the sadness of a close friend, this has been the most incredible, unbelieveable, earth shattering month of our lives. I am left feeling deeply grateful for all of the blessings as well as hardships this month has brought us.

In the midst of it all, it was also our 10 year anniversary.  It all got a bit lost in the moving and the packing and the bullying and the redundancy, but 10 years ago on the 14th of March, a 22 year old American got on a plane to see some bloke she'd met at summer camp.  

Ten years later, we are this:


The word 'unfathomable' doesn't even touch the sides...


but then after this month, maybe everything has to be believed.

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