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One of Those (Other) Days

Don't you love those days where everything goes... right? 

painted boy

I woke up yesterday, thinking it was going to be a bad one.  The weather was dull.  Ellis was grumpy. The house was a mess. I stumbled my way down the stairs at 5 in the morning in a huff.

But then, strange things began happening.  Good things.  I saw that Kev had cleaned the house after I went to bed.  Ellis' mood improved dramatically with breakfast.  There were no fights as we got ready or as we walked into town.  Georgia cooed at everyone she saw.  Ellis chatted his was through a 20 minute haircut.  Playgroup involved very little fighting amongst the 3 year old set...

As each thing happened, I felt myself relax into the day.  A spring sprung into my step. And more and more positivity just kept coming our way.

A woman that I respect greatly took me aside and complemented my mothering and she said I always seemed to cherish my children.  I don't know if that is always true, but I can say it was hands down one of the best complements I have ever had. 

As we left playgroup and headed to the shops to run some errands, Ellis and I chatted.  Georgia slept.  Normal conflict points (toys lining the way to essential goods in stores) simply weren't an issue today. 

The avalanche of good things kept coming when we got home...a free pushchair from a friend, the long awaited delivery of a new chest of drawers to replace our dilapidated, children playing and laughing and general happiness, a feature on Bambino Goodies.

Nothing happened, really.  But it was good.  Great, even. Things that could have verged on disastrous, like burning dinner to a blacked char, weren't allowed to get under my skin.

Sure, some things are coincidence...but in truth, I know that its my own attitude that helped make yesterday as a great one. Like begets like. In the same way bad days seem to gather momentum, good obviously can too.

And so this morning, I woke up and thought to myself that I want today to be good too.  And I am going to try make it so...

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