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Only Thumbs


Well, I seem to be unable to do anything at the minute.  I have been up since 4, and have achieved NOTHING! But worse than that, I have caused complete carnage with everything I have done.  No really. 

1. I waxed my own eyebrows.  I don't need to say anything else other than, do not expect any pictures of my face for about 6 weeks.  If I do see you in person,  no, I am not giving you a quizzical look.

2. I have sustained a catalogue of injuries, including, but not limited to: hitting my head on the corner of the kitchen table, stabbing a fork into my forearm, burning myself on the stove,  having a door slammed into my back, pulling a muscle in my neck and discovering a huge bruise on my thigh...that was all before 11am. 

3. I tried to make a gorgeous bag, based on the design of the art tote I made.  Well, to say that I messed it up would be an understatement.  My sewing machine and I are no longer on speaking terms and while yes, it MAY have been my fault, Fred (the sewing machine) wasn't being helpful.  He sustained a slew of abusive language and is now sitting in the corner.

4. So, I decided to fuse some plastic bags.  However, I forgot to turn down the heat setting and it was still on linen from the first bag and it completely shredded the bags.  It was tesco soup, all over my ironing board...lovely. We don't use many plastic bags, so I couldn't retry.  I did consider ordering my next grocery shop with bags, but that really defeats the purpose of green crafting, hey?

5. I have been meticulously uploading the archives from the old site and I lost and will have to re upload about 15 posts.  It is so mind-numbingly boring that I may have to wait.  I am up to July of last year, which isn't bad.

6.  After all of that, I decided to put on my wellies and try to tidy up the garden.  as I was walking outside, I stepped on a dead mouse that the cats brought me.  "Eeew!" is not nearly comprehensive enough.

I am going to go upstairs for a restart, put on the bath, make a cup of tea and dig into one of these:


It seems that today is not my day for doing, so I may have to concentrate on being.

(sorry the pictures are worse than usual, Kev took my camera!)

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