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Pattern: Christmas Wreath

Pattern: Christmas Wreath

Today, we continue Crochet Camp: Christmas Edition with a wee wreath.  This is super easy and like all of the patterns this week, can be made with any yarn you have - lighter weight yarn will produce a lacier effect and something like T-shirt yarn will make a real statement piece. The only consideration here is that you should be using a hook a few sizes smaller than you normally would for the yarn to get a tighter gauge. This will ensure your wreath keeps its shape.

I use embroidery hoops for these, but there is no reason you can't use any hoop-like object - from a bracelet to a hoola hoop- the basic principle is the same.


2x 25g bulky weight wool in required colours.

1/2 of an 8” embroidery frame

5mm crochet hook


ch: chain

dc: UK double crochet

slst: slip stitch

yo: yarn over

Round 1:

Start with a slip knot on your hook. Insert hook through the hoop, yarn over hook and pull through hool and the loop on hook to secure the yarn to the hoop.

Working around the hoop, double crochet around until all of the space around the hoop is covered. End with a stitch count that is a multiple of 3.

The double crochet can be slightly tricky to get the hang of, but it really is no more difficult than a normal dc.

1.  Holding your yarn over the back and behind your hoop,insert your hook through the hoop. Yarn over your hook and pull through the hoop.

2. You will have 2 loops on your hook.

3. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook

After you have double crocheted around, join into the first dc with a slip stitch.

Round 2:

1 chain

Make *1dc, 3ch, miss 2 dc; repeat from * around.  Do not join. (this doesn't need to be exact, but you should you want to be exact, your chain space loops should equal the number of double crochet stitches you did in round 1 divided by 3)

Round 3:

Dc into the 1st chain space, 4ch. *1dc into next chain space, 4ch; repeat from * around. Do not join.

When a pattern says to work into the chain space, this means to insert your hook into the hole underneath the chains and work your stitch around the line of chains.

Round 4:

Dc into the 1st chsp, 5ch. *1dc into the next chsp, 5ch; repeat from * around.

Break yarn.  Weave in ends.

(if you want to add more rounds, just increase the number of chains between the dcs)

Lightly block the wreath, by gently wetting your wool and pinning it out to dry. Sew your bow onto your wreath. Hang by threading a loop of yarn around the frame.

Need help?  Head over to the awesome Crochet Camp Facebook Group!

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