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Perfect Gift

Once upon a time, my birthday gifts from Kevin consisted solely of the things he bought at the 24 hour grocery store the night before (or more accurately in the wee-small-hours of) my birthday. While I do not need expensive gifts, I do ask that a bit of thought goes into my birthday, because, well, its nice to be thought of.

I will 100% completely admit to being extremely directive when it came to the types of things I would want to be given as gifts, making it clear that handmade is always prefered to store bought - even breakfast in bed trumps bed socks from Asda in my book.

But, there was always one thing that I *really* wanted.  Every time my twitter and blog friend Emma would show off her beautiful jewelery, I would hint that I would LOVE something she made.  Her designs are just so delicate and natural, I could really buy every single thing she makes. However, given my previous history with THE MAN, I had always assumed that I would just need to buy something for myself.

And then the day after my birthday, this arrived.


There was a lot of squealing and jumping, tweets and phone calls about just how delighted I was with my Emma Mitchell original.  It seems they had been plotting and Kevin asked for a unique design.

Needless to say, I am in love and have worn it nearly every day since it arrived. I even had the delight to meet the creator herself when we were down South and got to rummage around in her beautiful garden and shed and spend the day with the absolutely lovely Emma and family.



Perfection to the last.


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