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Perfect Weather For...


As we woke up this morning in Stirling, we looked out the window to see a beautiful sight of large, heavy snowflakes coating the landscape in a picture postcard layer of white gold.  And knew that it was perfect weather for:

- Knitting

- Cooking

- Sledding

- Making snow creatures.



Is that what we did?  Of course not.  Georgia's American passport has never turned up from the US and in order to ensure we weren't breaking and US federal laws, we were summonded to Edinburgh to get an emergency passport.  In the snow.  With travel chaos. And cancelled trains. And a house to clean and pack.  And one baby who, as the applicant, had to be there with BOTH parents.


And so we trudged to the train.  Waited for its late arrival.  Trudged to the consulate as there were no busses or taxis in Edinburgh.  Got the passport.  Trudged back to the train. Waited.  Got onto a train that was London style crushed-into-your-fellow-passengers full.  Got back to Stirling. Packed and watched the travel chaos on TV. Debated about whether now or later is better.  Decided now and girded our loins for the very long journey that lies ahead...

And so we are off.  Please think of us as I am not sure where we'll be in the next few days, but hopefully we'll be in Iowa soon.



I may not be blogging much over the next month.  Time has a funny way of slipping away when normal routines are out the window.  So if I am not back, have a wonderful holiday season and see you in 2011*.



* or before, because I do have a problem staying away when I say I am going to...


(Georgia's hat is an aviatrix in the 6-12 month size in Rowan Cashsoft with a crochet flower)

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