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Plots and Plans

I spent much of the last week swearing I would never ever ever produce a collection of designs again. The work that goes on behind the scenes of releasing pattern collections (or books) is just so much. Photos, technical edits, charting, schematics, layout, book design, individual pattern design, pricing, reshooting, reediting, recharting...and I didn't even design or make these actual shawls. This weekend, I dreamt up ways to kill whoever invented crochet charts, who then failed to devise a simple and fast way to translate written patterns to diagrams.

The shawls book went to print on Monday at 5pm and by Tuesday lunchtime, I was already plotting my next collection release.  I have a backlog of indie patterns to release and in looking at them, there is a beautiful flow to them all, all inspired by this incredible place we live in and the year we've had of finding a home. 

And so, I am considering releasing these as a collection, with monthly individual pattern releases and a steep discount for pre-release full collection/ eBook purchases. This model has been very popular in knitting design, but there haven been few, if any crochet releases of this sort. 

Collection or not, the first few designs are just about ready to go, so how about a sneak peek of the first release (its all sneak peeks around here these days, hey?).

Its heading off to tech editing today and will be ready to go soon!

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