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Without a doubt, the flower that creates the most excitement in the garden with its emergence is the poppy.  Californian to oriental, red, pink, yellow, I do not care.  I LOVE them.  I wish I could pick them and fill my house with them, stuffing every crevice with their blousy audacity.  I remember having my host mother pull over the car in Germany the first time I saw red poppies growing wild along the road side. The first piece of art I ever bought was Georgia O'Keefe's Oriental Poppies - a painting I loved so much, I named my daughter after its artist.

My own art is not nearly in the same stratosphere as O'Keefe, but it doesn't mean I can't make some poppies. And so, for you, I have a newish little pattern for a brooch, inspired by these lovely flowers.  It is very much for beginners, with very detailed photo tutorials at the back for each of the stitches.  It has been tested by a number of lovely beginner crocheters.

I have written it with the express intention that it can be used in crochet classes, as I know many people want to have something to "show" for the time they spend in class. You can do this with my permission.

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