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Portrait of A Boy



When Theo was new and people would exclaim "You've got your hands full," I would inevitably respond, "Just wait until I have 2 toddlers."

I hate to admit it, but oh man, was I right. Two toddlers is a kind of chaos you need a degree in physics to understand, and Theo at almost 18 months old and is absolutely, 100% toddler. We joke that he needs a 1:1 security detiail at all times...only it isn't a joke. From climbing everything, to destroying everything else, he is a serious handful. He can not be let out of the pushchair as he thinks it is hilarious to run straight for the road. In fact, he is only allowed out of the living room if there is an adult to supervise him. In his mind, no one is allowed to play any game without him and playing with him means he gets to destroy whatever you are trying to build.  As a mama seaking peace bewteen the 3 nations, it is a struggle.

And so, he becomes my near constant companion. Pouring water onto the floor Doing dishes, while I cook. Eating cat food Feeding the cats while I do the laundry. His daily baths coincide with the exact 15 minutes a day I sit down to drink a cup of coffee. 

His saving grace (other than those Harrison blue-grey eyes and little blonde ringlets) is his sweetness, his kisses, his delight in animals and his older siblings and his enthusiastic love of his parents. However, there is no doubt that I most definately have my hands full.



We are pretty sure we are going to keep him, but may consider offers. 

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