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Raining Potatoes

take my potatoes, please!
There is a lovely anecdote in Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about church-goers locking their car doors in summer in a part of the country where no one normally locks anything.  The reason?  A community's desperation to get rid of the yearly glut of summer squash. People's cars (and mailboxes) could be left full if they weren't careful.

Well, we are not far off that around here.  To say we have an over-abundance of potatoes is far too simple.  We have an absolute TON of tatties.  What on earth posessed me to plant so many, I'll never know.  Every week in my organic box, I get between 8 and 10lbs of potatoes, plus I have 15 spud plants in the garden that appear to be having a bumper year.

Of course, I know one can store tatties, but there is no room in our tiny abode. Therefore, people who come to visit are usually met with the question, "I don't suppose, you want any potatoes"...and end up leaving with 3kg.  My neighbour told me she didn't want to answer the door to me last night in fear I might give her more.  "You used to bring me chocolate cake." She said, disappointed.

Ah, chocolate cake.  I miss the days of being able to cook something that doesn't have potato in it.  I know, it was only 2 weeks ago, but it seems like a far-distant culinary memory.  I have even found a recipe for a chocolate potato cake, but it feels like a step too far. Even for me.

Have a great weekend. I hope its a bit drier for you than it is here...rain and potato-wise. And, you know, if you are nearby and feel like stopping by, I'll make it worth your while (wink, wink).

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