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Present and Accounted For

Present and Accounted For

I think this may be the longest time in the almost 8 year history of Slugs on the Refrigerator that I have gone without blogging. Its not that I didn't think about writing, but deadlines, visitors and the Glasgow Country Living Fair saw me up at 4am and working until I collapsed at night for weeks on end, leaving little time for anything else. 

Deadlines and visitors aside, sometimes I just get sick of writing about myself... I know, a blogger who is sick of talking about themselves is oxymoronic, but its true, I run out of things to say and bore myself to tears, so often feeling like I am the equivalent of the boring old Aunty who tells the same stories over and over at family gatherings. 

And so, a break was had, but now I am back and with a deadline-free December so I can save all of my best stories for you...such as later this week, I will tell you all about finding mistakes in patterns and what to do about them...try not to keel over in anticipation! ;)  

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