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Present But Unaccounted For


Hello.  Hi.  How are you?  Are you still there?  I am here, sort of.  I mean physically, I am sitting here in my living room writing this in the early hours of the morning.  Georgia is awake, sitting in her little chair watching the cat.  I can hear Ellis waking up with his normal crash, bang, wallop. 

Kevin has gone back to bed - this time to our bed, but a few minutes ago you would have found him asleep on the sofa, or maybe in Ellis' bed.  I don't know.  We move very much like ships in the night, the least exhausted one going to the child that happens to be awake at the time.  He's stressed. I think he thinks he can hide it from me, but I see the way he scratches his temples and that slight squint in his eye.  Work is busy.  Life is busy.

I am sorry I am not really here with you.  Life has taken a funny turn.  Not bad, just an enormous change of direction.  As is so often the case with blogs, the full truth needs to stay slightly out of the spotlight for awhile. But we are fine, in fact we are going to be great. But steering ourselves onto this new path is taking up most all of our energy. If I am absent, or simply absent-minded, know I have a good reason.

However, I am going to commit to coming back and blogging more regularly.  Its not entirely right that it is so often mother's creativity that gets pushed aside when time becomes scarce.  If for no other reason than I need to nourish myself a bit amidst all of this chaos.  Plus, I have a Grammy chomping at the bit for pictures of grandchildren, and I can not let her down.  


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