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Product Photography - Tivoli by Anniken Allis

I love photographing knit and crochetwear.  It should probably go without saying, but I genuinely find it thrilling to take a design and make it shine.  Because, quite frankly, that is what sells a pattern.  We live in an age of visuals - pinterest, ravelry, blogs, all of the ways most designers interact with one's design is a photo at a glance and I LOVE making those first impressions great ones.

And there is no greater joy than photographing things that are beautiful anyway, and this shawl, Tivoli by Anniken Allis, is amazing. Made in her silky camel 4ply and oh my!!  I have never handled camel yarn before, but you know me, say silk and I am usually sold anyway, but the camel gives it a wooly-ness and warmth really unlike anything I have ever touched. Kind of like an alpaca silk, but less hairy and with a gorgeous smooth handle.  It was simply divine. and I had to wrestle the shawl away from Kerstin after the shoot.

This is the 3rd of 4 items I photographed for Anni and each time she releases one, I think "This is my favourite"...this time is no different.

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