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Professional Partiers

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What an awesome weekend. From seeing the excitement across twitter and Facebook as people's books were delivered, to signing my first book, to celebrating with friends, to enjoying a bit of rest after a bit too much celebrating - it was exactly as it should have been.  I even reached (for about 5 minutes) the lofty heights of #1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases in Home and Garden. Nae too shabby for a wee crochet book. Thank you so much for making that happen!

This is my last proper working day for a bit over a week as we move into the craziest week of the year: Birthday Week - 3 children's birthdays, 2 parties, 1 Grandpa arrival, a family ceilidh and Easter, all in the space of the next 8 days.  I have successfully pawned off some of the cake making responsibilities, but the rest falls squarely in this mama's lap. If nothing else, us Harrison-Goldins know how to celebrate!

As I tackle my lengthy to do list I am thinking about these wise words (thanks, Elly).

*rolls up sleeves* Let's do this.

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