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Quick.  quick.  Make something.  Anything.  You have 5 moments before you are needed. 
Yes, there is a pile of washing to fold and put away. 
Dinner to make.
Floors to sweep. 
Stairs to Vacuum.
A Bathroom to clean.
Cats that are dying of starvation.
Trains to collect from all over the floor, under the couch and in the washing basket.
Bills to pay.
Shelves to dust.
Garbage to take out.
Recycling to sort.
A shed to clean.
Potatoes needing planted.
Seeds needing watered.
A fishtank to clean.
A father to phone.
Emails to answer.
Pot holders to make.
A sock to finish.
Binding strips to cut.
Yarn to sort.
Diapers to stuff.
Endless other unfinished projects.

Butyou must make something now.  From start to finish.  You only have 2 moments left before you are discovered. And in the midst of a day that has lots of beginnings and middles repeating over and over and over, you need something to see on the full life cycle - birth to completion. Something to show that you did something today.

It doesn't have to be useful.  It doesn't have to be on your "list".  It doesn't even have to be pretty.  It just has to be done. 

OK.  Now you can go back to the unfinished and unfinishable.

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