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A List for A Wednesday

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and emails on my last post.  It means a lot to hear that I am not sinking into oblivion ;).

However, I have not just been sitting around gazing at my (rather squidgy) navel, and in fact, have been working my backside off the last few months to pull together some rather exciting things. 

The first of those coming to light is our new book in partnership with the insanely clever Rachel Coopey of Coop Knits.  Crochet Yeah is a collection of 6 accessories patterns in the utterly gorgeous Socks Yeah yarn. Joanne and Rachel will be launching it at Unravel, but you can catch a preview below and preorder the print book here and the eBook here.

In future, a lot of the crochet tutorials that I traditionally posted here will move to The Crochet Project website. Joanne has already started posting tutorials there and has written an excellent post on how she uses washi tape to manipulate stitch patterns

In other things:

  • I keep coming back to this Rheinlust shawl by Melanie Byrd. I need to keep working on socks in my free time (you know, for the Christmas gifts I haven't finished yet!!!), but my fingers are itchy.

  • I am still making sourdough bread almost daily. I tried this method the other day and it was great, but it also really outlines a great way to make sourdough part of your day. The only difference for my own method is that I feed my starter earlier, then start working on the dough when I turn the oven on at about 4:30 to start prepping dinner. It goes in the fridge when I head upstairs at about 10.

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