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Real Life Inspiration

I often highlight inspirations that I find in my virtualwanderings.  However, inspiration comes in all shapes and forms.  Sometimes its something I see walking past me on the street.  Sometimes its something I read.  Sometimes its something that comes in a dream.  But  nothing beats the inspiration that comes from working alongside other craftspeople.

To say I am lucky, grossly understates how I feel about having Kerstin as a friend.  The woman watches my child, cooks me dinner, helps me clean up and to top it off, she is a crocheting wizard (oh and she got Ellis his favourite birthday gift)!  To have Kerstin AND Jude as craft-spirations has fueled my own creativity beyond words.  Plus, Kerstin's creativity has kept me warm and stylish all winter!

Our house is full of her beautiful work - hats, scarves, bucket, expensive yarn-chick.  Each one is a masterpiece that she makes and remakes to be perfect. I have learned a lot about colour, technique and obsession from my dear friend.


Thank you, Tantie.  For everything.

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