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Realising the Obvious

I had one of those "extremely deep at the time, but in retrospect oh so obvious" revelations the other day:

I Can Not Do Everything.

Man, I want to.  I want to sew all of our clothes, spin my own wool, knit everyone sweaters and mittens, take pictures, have a clean house, cook meals from scratch, garden, tweet, blog, read, sing, play the banjo, catch up with the laundry, see friends, go to the park, go to the sea and watch a movie every day.

But I can not.  Its an either or game here.  I can either have an immaculate house or play with the kids.  I can either cook or knit.  I can either sleep or be a henious she-dog.  I can tweet or read or blog, but I can't do them all.

And so, I quit making dinner half-way through, ordered pizza and did some sewing. 




A little refashioned dress/top out of an old Tshirt of Ellis' and a maternity shirt of mine.  Quick. Simple. And because it was jersey and there wasn't much fabric to play with, I left the armholes unfinished. While I want to make immaculately made children's clothes, I simply do not have the time. Jersey is forgiving, it doesn't fray and we were going for the rocker chick look anyway.

Making it: easy, peasy.  Getting a decent picture of it: Not so much. I am certain I would get more done in life if they had less personality. 

IMG_3831.jpg IMG_3832.jpg IMG_3825.jpg

But what fun would that be?


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