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Red Friday

The day after Thanksgiving only means one thing...Christmas can begin.



It was the day of the year we traditionally spent decorating the house.  Out would come the tree, the garland, the decorations, the strings upon strings on lights that were always missing just one bulb, the Christmas dishes and the hundreds of Nutcrackers.  


Christmas music would play merrily in the background and leftover Turkey sandwhiches as we would fill our bellies as we transformed our house into a Winter Wonderland. It was soooo exciting...for the first half hour, then it just became hard work.  We always had 2 trees.  One enormous fancy one in the front of the house (my favourite was an all white one she did) and then one in the basement with all of our old ornaments - the clothespeg raindeers, the salt dough snowmen, the paper mache snowballs. 


I love carrying over traditions from my childhood.  And so today, out will come the Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album and we will *start* on our Christmas preparations.  It would be a massive understatement to say that I am beyond excited to decorate my house this year!!  My head  is just full of the possibilites. So, let the Christmas spirit spread and lets kick off this holiday season with a bit of celebration.

First of all, I am so happy to announce the release of the "Quixie" Hat pattern on etsy and ravelry.  Its a little "quick pixie"/elf/ gnome hat with a chin strap and a button.  I has actually become my favourite hat for when Theo is in the sling - its nice and snug and its cute little point makes him even more adorable.  It *would* be my favourite hat for Georgia, but she threw hers out of the pushchair along with her left welly and her sweatshirt and I can not find them. This is the "Christmas Edition" - only in that the pictures for the pattern are Christmassy.  ( I am picturing a gnome- themed revamp in the spring with WILL involve the purchase of a garden gnome).

Thank you so much to all of my testers! Especially, Riotflower who sorted out the adult sizing. And special thanks to Laura for the name (she also named the Snugosaurus)!!  

But that's not all...

As a thank you for all of the awesome support in this new venture, I am offering a 10% discount on everything in my etsy shop.  All you have to do is 'like' my facebook page to get the code (it seemed like a good way of rewarding fans and readers). Oh and you can totally unlike it later. If you already like it, go to the 'Welcome' page on the left hand column. And if you hate Facebook and think that Mark Zuckerberg is public enemy number 1 - leave a comment and I'll email you the code.




But wait, there's more!  All of my patterns on ravelry are also 10% off this weekend!  Discount applied at checkout, so go forth and download!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

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