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Reduce, Reuse, and THEN Recycle

Here in the UK, next week is Recycling Week. I am always a bit iffy about the recycling agenda. As I read recently (I can not remember where), recycling is the LAST thing you should be doing out of "reducing, reusing and recycling" mantra. Yet so often it is the first thing that is discussed when looking at individual action on the environment.Around this house, reducing and reusing are in everyday operation.  Old things get a lick of paint (or wallpaper) and a revamp or made into something completely new.

A spare tie holder from ikea becomes a jewellry organiser and showpiece:


The old bakers trolley, some old pans and bells becomes a sound wall for toddler banging.

Fruit crates make great shelves. Pictures_1553

An old sink gets some radishes planted in it.

A candle stick organises watches and bracelets. Pictures_1550

The list goes on. Of course, after all of this reusing, there is still stuff to recycle. My pledge for recycling week is to have a zero waste day or else I will have to give up my phone for a week.  What's your pledge?

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