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Regarding Balance

One day, late in 2012, I looked up from my computer, crawled out from a pile of yarn, put my camera down and opened my eyes. I saw a house that was messier than I have ever lived in, a husband who I hadn't spoken more than 4 words to in weeks months and 3 little unruly children who woudn't eat anything except pesto pasta and were exhausted, mean and bored.

Kevin and I have spent the last few weeks reeling us all back in - working hard to cook and clean and spend time as a family.  Its my main resolution this year - to spend more time with them being present, not worrying about impending deadlines or emails or swatches.

I didn't realise what an effect our work life was having on everyone.  It was only when I would go days without picking up the camera that I knew I wasn't in the best place (well, that and the fact that Georgia could sing all of the theme songs to all of the programmes on CBeebies), but I kept thinking I could just push through.

And so, we have spent the first few days of 2013 as we hope to continue. Together, cooking and laughing and walking and playing. Today we climbed a massive hill, led by Ellis. Tomorrow, we are sorting out the garden and storage room while the children are out - boring, but good in a new year sort of way.

Start as we mean to if only the weather could do the same.

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