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Remember How...

...on friday I said I would make some pot holders?  Well, 4 more burns later and I still haven't done it.  Its OK because I received some delicious fabric yesterday for odds and ends in the kitchen and I am sure I can whip up some pot holders in the midst of everything else I want to do.

Fabric 2
Elizabeth House Lizzy Dish in Blue/Yellow

Once again, I was stung for buying off of etsy.  I bought the fabric very cheaply with money in my pay pal account.  It was roughly £10 for 4 yards, plus shipping.  I then had to pay £12 in customs charges.  I really do not understand how they calculate the charges, but it is definitely a disincentive to ordering fabric from the US.

Alexander Henry Seagulls
More birds.  They are supposed to be seagulls, but everytime i look at them I think they look like flying nuns.  I really want to make a skirt out of this.  We shall see.

Ravelry invite received, so you may not be seeing much of me!

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