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New Lease of Life

Another full-on week comes to a close.  I am tired, but in a good way.  My trip to the US brought with it a bit of a change in attitude which was sorely needed.  Even with some of the worst jet-lag I have ever experienced, I've had a lot of energy to get things sorted around the house...

Bessie has a new home in the garden until I get a house big enough to hang her on a wall.


An old chair got a lick of paint and a pot of calendula092506_1916

The very rarely used pushchair has been hung on the back of our only closet door using an over the door coat hook.

An old coat rack now holds my big soup pots that never really fit anywhere else.

Plus, more seedlings are in and the house has been brought back from the brink after 4 days of boy-bonding.  Whew!  I need to go back to bed just thinking about it all!

There is always something to do, but I am hoping I can stave off the ambitious plans of sorting out our dreadful staircase until the far distant future.  I have 5 yards of fabric coming tomorrow and my sewing machines and I need some 2 on 1 bonding time.

See you Monday!

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