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Ridiculous or Sublime?

Ridiculous or sublime?
They seem like such good ideas at the time. You know what I mean-- that funky purchase or quirky handmade item that will revolutionise your wardrobe.  When I was little, I used to carry around a muff (those furry tubes for warming your hands).  I loved mine and there are countless pictures of me carting it around.  I thought I was so cool...history is telling a different story.

It seems I am more prone than many to these kind of fashion faux pax.  Some of the more notable:
- Shaving my hair and then dying bits of the stubble blond before I moved the Germany for a year
- Wearing a long velvet skirt that buttoned down the side with hot-pink tights to school at least twice a week for all of my junior year.
- Dying my hair green
- Loving the penny loafer, white sock and tight roll jeans look
- Sky-high fringe (bangs), teased and hairsprayed to immobility.

Anyway, the list goes on.  So this weekend when I decided I HAD to crochet myself a beret, I wonder if I should have listened to the voice from the past.  Can I be trusted to make my own decisions on these matters?  I'll leave that for you to decide.



Sam's request last week for more info on the photographs that I use on the blog sent me for a bit of a turn. I have fretted and fretted about putting a post up.  I type a sentence and delete it. inally, I have written something up about what I use and how I process photographs for the blog here.

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