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Room Re-vamp

IMG_3517.jpg IMG_3473.jpg IMG_3568.jpg

I have always despised the blue of the ikea bed, so I got out my trusty blackboard paint.  Of course the kids love it.  The bottom picture is a bird, and I am refusing to let any one wipe it off, as E NEVER draws me pictures, but did draw one of head teacher's mustache and a dinosaur for his teacher. No, actually, I am not jealous at all. The bunting is Rob Ryan and the tent is the habitat teepee we were given for G's birth by my family (the BEST TOY EVER)



The art for the kids rooms are things I have been collecting for some time.  Something here and there over the last couple of years, gifts, thrifty finds, etc.  We love kites, so whenever we are in the US we go to World Market who stock the most amazing and affordable selection.  Currently we have the Eagle, Dragon and Pirate Ship, but having looked just now, I think the Balinese Boat and/or the Phoenix may be in our future.

The papercuts are from the wonderfully talented Robyn from Robynmade. She is a long-time online friend and when she started doing papercuts, I set aside some hat sales to commission one each for the children's birthdays. I didn't really know what I wanted when I commissioned them, but they are just so perfect.   


The ship prints are from Strawberry Luna on etsy.  Its raining cats and dogs here, so the light is not great, however these prints ARE!! In some ways, I am really glad I am not on etsy that much these days as it just added to my list of things I want, though Kevin and I have always tried to use art from independent artists.  We get a lot through his work, but can then never afford the frames.  For now, they are hung up with magical washi tape, as I was SO TIRED of not looking at them. 



(children inserted for demonstration purposes only. No one actually sleeps in this bed.)



I am really pleased how it all came together.  The kids love it, though the revamp DID coincide with a certain Miss 2 Year Old becoming insistant on escaping from her room 6,000 times a night.  If she doesn't want to sleep in here, I will!!


I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the MAD Blog Awards! I am so overwhelmed to be a finalist in 3 categories!! My Goodness!!! Photography, Craft and BLOG OF THE YEAR??!?!?!?!?  I have a big blubbery gratitude post coming up, I can feel it.



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