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Scenes from a Weekend

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I think I am nesting.

Maybe its because I am starting such big projects or maybe its because I missed my yearly bout of pregnancy-hormones. Or maybe its finally getting to me that we have lived here over a year and I still don't feel like we have done more than throw some of our stuff into some rooms.

No matter what the cause, the end result is the same and I have been steadily working on getting things a bit more settled around the house. First project was kicking my children completely out of the studio. It had turned into a dumping ground for their stuff and so I channelled my mother and boxed up all of their toys and put them in the utility room. They have been asking for things, so I have happily obliged, but its nice to have a bit of space (not that we actually have that much other than Lego and Duplo).

I have also been working on decorating the children's bedroom.  I LOVE how it is turning out, but I need to wait for some paint to dry (and um, Kevin to see what I have done as he had no idea what I had planned, oops!) for a big reveal. I want to move in there!

Part of the nesting has also been looking at the food we eat.  Dairy has creeped back in steadily to Georgia and my diets and while I don't know about her, I am definitely worse for wear.  Kevin does most of the cooking on the weekend and as he makes THE MOST GOURMET pizzas, we hardly feel like we suffer at all without cheese.

And even though I am not the one expecting a baby this spring, a good friend is, so it has been a perfect excuse for some sneaky knitting.  Pictured above is a snug hoodie, which is very quick with Cascade Eco on 6mm needles, but THEN I saw this linen stitch milo on Pinterest and think that it would be PERFECT for a newborn in the mountain of Sublime Silk Merino Cashmere.  I am torn.  I HATE unfinished projects, but you know how much I love little Milo vests...and I would totally make everything, but, you know, I have a few things going on at the minute ;)

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