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Scenes from a Weekend

Scenes from a Weekend

  • Theo, when cracking frozen puddles in his PJs "This isn't an egg, there is no baby in there"

  • I was also in my too-short PJs, orange socks and Kev's dress the precise moment a shooting party of roughly 15 drove up the drive (and obviously its utterly embarrassing for those 15 people to see me like that, but I'm totally cool with the roughly 40,000 of you seeing this post - blog-logic at its finest)

  • Georgia, when asked why she drew a giant heart on her face with a Sharpie "I just wanted everyone to know how much love is in my heart."

  • We have had to buy 1 jar of jam this year and it was only after the children decided they don't like marmalade. Trying this rhubarb jam recipe.

  • I have moved back into the studio. Its still cold, but I missed having my own space.

  • We drove up the Lawers this weekend. It was freezing and there were major tears when the children were told we weren't going to climb to the top!

  • I have no idea how on earth I am going to get everything done for Edinburgh Yarn Fest and trying not to panic, but its going to be so worth it. Joanne's designs are spectacular!

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